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This section contains Kaworu voice clips. Clips are in the order in which they appear in the episode.

Translations are edited from The Literal Translation Project Homepage. Thanks to Angela for recording the Episode 24 sounds!

Kaworu voice clips from Evangelion episode 24
k-song.wav (246k) Kaworu: A song is good!
Shinji: Eh?
Kaworu: A song brings us joy. A song is the highest culture that Lilims have created. Don't you think so, Ikari Shinji-kun?
k-kaworu.wav (54k) Kaworu: I'm Kaworu. Nagisa Kaworu.
k-same.wav (54k) Kaworu (to Rei): You are the same as me.
ks-wait.wav (204k) Announce: Central Dogma is being opened now. Use 3d route for the transfer.
Shinji: hm?
Kaworu: Hey. You were waiting for me?
Shinji: Oh, no I did... I didn't mean to.
ks-over.wav (311k) Shinji: It's time.
Kaworu: It's over?
Shinji: We have to go to bed.
Kaworu: Together with you?
Shinji: Ah ... no, you are provided with your own, different room.
Kaworu: Oh.
ks-love.wav (447k) Kaworu: Well, people always feel pain in their hearts. The heart is easy to wound, that's why living is painful. In particular, your heart is fragile like glass.
Shinji: Me?
Kaworu: Worthy of affection.
Shinji: Affection?
Kaworu: I mean, I love you.
k-born.wav (101k) Kaworu: (Sigh) I might have been born to meet you.
k-eva.wav (109k) Kaworu (to Unit 02): Well, let's go. Come, Adam's alter ego, and the servant of the Lilim.
s-lie.wav (135k) Shinji: NO NO NO, IT MUST BE A LIE! Kaworu-kun is an Angel? That MUST BE A LIE!
k-why.wav (40k) Kaworu: I can't understand why.
k-at.wav (376k) Shinji: A.T. Field!
Kaworu: Yes. You Lilims call it so. The holy region that must not be invaded by anyone. The light of mind. You, Lilims, are aware of that. Aware that the A.T. Field is the wall of mind that everyone has.
k-thank.wav (135k) Kaworu: Thank you. I am glad to have met you.
s-love.wav (762k) Shinji: Kaworu-kun said "I love you." To me! For the first time, for the first time I heard those words. He looked like me. He looked like Ayanami. I loved him. Kaworu-kun should have been the one to survive. He was much better than I am. He should have survived.


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