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This section contains information about linking to Second Impact as well as links to other Kaworu-related sites.

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Feel free to link to Second Impact. If you do, you can use one of the banners below and please link to There's no need to ask to link to our site, but feel free to if you do link us.
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Submit your Kaworu link
If you have a site that focuses on Kaworu, the URL and we'll be happy to include it here.

Kaworu sites - sites dedicated to or prominently featuring Nagisa Kaworu
  A very complete Kaworu site, with info, images, sounds, and more
The Shrine to Kaworu Nagisa
  Info, images, debates, and essays
Ode to Joy
  Info, images, sounds, essays, and adopt-a-Kaworu
Kaoru Nagisa - The Final Messenger
  (currently down) Images, scripts, debates, and fan fiction
The Kaoru Shrine
  Info, images, and a fanart competition
Angel of Mine
  Info, images, sounds and fan fiction
Fragile Like Glass
  Info and images
Soul Refrain
  Fanart, Winamp skins and merchandise info
The Exit of Kaworu
  Info and images
Angelic Seashore
  Info, images, debate, and fan fiction
Heaven's Gate: The Final Messenger
  Info, images, and Winamp skins
Before the Song Dies
  Basically a page of "why I like Kaworu"
Last Angel's Sanctuary
  Info and analysis of selected quotes
Legion's Answers: What is Nagisa Kaoru?
  Answers to some Kaworu questions
Brief Lives
  (Kaworu & Shinji) Info, images, and essays
Shonen no ai
  (Kaworu & Shinji) Images
A Pair of Crimson Eyes
  (Kaworu & Rei) Essays and fanart
When An Angel Speaks
  (Kaworu & Rei) Info, images, and fan fiction

Fanart sites - artists who have contributed to Second Impact

Cheese Fairy's fanart page
Sanctuary - Phil Chan's artwork - N's fanart site
Work for Idle Hands - Melloss' artwork
Solace - Julie Dillon's artwork
Tigress Graphics - Pamela Adams' artwork
Chiaroscuro - Pirotess' artwork
KaPoLo Club - Saka's artwork
Animeted World - Dizzy's artwork
From Puppy with Love - Chun's fanart site
Eva Mirror, Akane's fanart/doujinshi site
Stereo Vision - Olga's fanart site
Canvasii - Miso Park's fanart site
cyberPHOBIA, Arnistotle's fanart site
Bipolorama, Tony Hicks' site
Matahari - Saga's fanart site
Christi-chan's fanart gallery
Purachina - Kuwami's fanart site
Itai - Tasuki Kou's artwork
SailorWhitch's Incredibly Humble Haven

HC's (sort of) Anime Fanart Domain
The Excess Humanity
Innocent Child
Eva Mirror

Some of the doujinshi may contain sexual situations.
Birth of Evangelion
  A translated Kaworu and Shinji doujinshi by Yun Kouga, the mangaka of Earthian. Located at Genkiland.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
  Full scans of several doujinshi featuring Kaworu. Located at Ai no Kuusou.
Doujinshi Scans
  Scans from a few different doujinshi featuring Kaworu. Located at Brief Lives.
Eva Doujinshi
  Stories from Evangelion doujinshi anthologies, many featuring Kaworu. Some are in Korean, some are translated into English. Located at Fleeting Dreams.

Japanese fanart sites - some may contain sexual situations
Kaworu Freaks
Dummy System K
Knockin' on the Door of Angel's Room
Clepsydra Sanatorium
Nagisa Kaworu's Room
Mark's CG Gallery
Sister Sweets
A-I Sanctuary
Autumn Rain Shrine home page
5*3 Bootleg (hidden URL)
Yasumi (hidden URL)

Essays about Kaworu's sexuality and his relationship with Shinji
Is Kaworu Homosexual?
  Personal opinion that he is gay, and loves to hear from people who want to discuss it.
Is Kaworu Homosexual? Part 2
  Talks about the mail that the webmaster has received on the subject, and the Angel/shito issue
Tabris, Angel of Free Will
  Argues that the relationship wasn't sexual because Kaworu was too innocent
Why Shinji and Kaworu are in love
  The title speaks for itself
Is Kaworu Gay?
  A short essay that argues that Kaworu isn't gay because he's an angel, or at least divine
ColorQ Anime Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  A short review of the series that argues that Evangelion is homophobic because of the way Kaworu is treated.
No Genitalia Whatsoever
  Ruminations on love, sex, and Kaworu & Shinji
Nagisa Kaworu
  Argues that they just had a "friend" love. Thinks the idea of them together is "so sick."
Further Interpretations
  Sees Kaworu as mostly being symbolic
Kaworu Nagisa
  Argues that they only like each other, and anything further is in the viewers' imaginations

Discussion Forums about Kaworu's sexuality and his relationship with Shinji
Kaoru Nagisa Debate
  Message board where you can debate all you want!
Debate - Shinji and Kaworu's Relationship
  Add your own comments and thoughts about their relationship

Episode 24 Literal Translation
  (at the Literal Translation Project Homepage)
Episode 24 AD Vision subtitle transcription
  (at Kaoru Nagisa: The Final Messenger)
Episode 24 AD Vision English dubbed transcription
  (at Kaoru Nagisa: The Final Messenger)
End of Evangelion translation (Parts one and two)
  (at The Evangelion Otaku Page)
Evangelion Addition drama track translation (with mp3s)
  (at Frelon Ngai's Evangelion page)

Other - other links featured in Second Impact
Viz Comics
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Manga

Kaworu Merchandise - online stores where you can buy Kaworu goods
Right Stuf International, Inc.
CD Japan
AAA Anime
Anime Solutions
Anime Castle
Anime Zone
Toys N Joys Online
CD Soundtrack Inc.
Anime Worlds
Anime Plus
Vengeance of Excalibur

Wizzywig Collectibles
Chinese Online
Firefly Animation
Paradigm Enterprises
The Place
Sakura Media
Anime and Toy Empire
House of Anime
Splash Page Comics
Asylum Anime
Black Knight Comics
Anime Oh!
Robert's Anime Corner Store


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