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Want more information about Kaworu's appearances on these videos and cds? Check out The Character.

More information about the extended Kaworu episode can be found at Episode 24, part of The Character. -> Second Impact -> The Goods

Here's where you can find information about what merchandise featuring Kaworu is available online, and where you can find it. Links to online stores in no way constitute an endorsement. In fact, we have never done business with most of these places. As with any other purchases, caveat emptor. All prices are current as of October 1, 2000.


Episode 24 of Evangelion - Here's where you should start, if you don't have it already. The only episode of the series that features Kaworu.
(66k) Evangelion Genesis 0:12 cover - contains episode 24 of Evangelion subtitledVideo: Available subtitled in English from various places. If you want the extended version in Japanese with no subtitles, it is available from CD Japan.
Right Stuf ($26.96)
Amazon ($26.99)
Animenation ($25.46) ($18.99)
CD Japan (5403 yen)

Evangelion Japanese DVD #6, including episode 24DVD: Unfortunately, the English-subtitled releases have not yet reached episode 24. However, the extended version is available unsubtitled (you must have a Region 2 or region-free DVD player).
CD Japan (6930 yen)
Gainax (6600 yen)
Laserdisc: With the collapse of the laserdisc market, it's not likely that it will ever be available outside Japan. However, the extended unsubtitled version is available from CD Japan (5913 yen).

Death & Rebirth/End of Evangelion - theatrical features
(217k) End of Evangelion DVD coverManga Entertainment has the rights to release these subtitled in English, but the latest word is that this probably won't be happening until 2001. So, for now, they are only available in Japanese, unsubtitled. As above, for the DVD, you must have a Region 2 or region-free DVD player.
Boxset with both movies:
CD Japan video (23000 yen)
CD Japan DVD (9240 yen)
Gainax DVD (8800 yen)
CD Japan laserdisc (24999 yen)


Evangelion Addition
Evangelion Addition cd coverKaworu only appears on one Evangelion soundtrack cd, Evangelion Addition. He appears in a very silly, 21-minute-long sound drama featuring all of the members of the cast. The cd is long out of print. The only copies that I have seen are Son May copies, produced in Taiwan, a country that does not respect international copyright laws. For those who don't know, Son May copies are illegal to buy, sell, or possess in almost every other country in the world. (Just because something is widely available doesn't mean that it's legal.) If you understand this and want to take that risk, Son May copies of Evangelion Addition are available from many different places.
AAA Anime Item GGG-013 ($14.00)
Anime Solutions ($14.99)
Anime Castle ($11.95)
AnimeZone ($26 Australian)
Toys N Joys Online ($14.95)
CD Soundtrack Inc. ($15.00)
Anime Worlds ($15.99)
Anime Plus ($15.00)
Vengeance of Excalibur ($14.95)
Wizzywig Collectibles ($15.00)


Kaworu Evangelion Photograph (90p, ISBN# 4-04-341404-8)
Kaworu Evangelion Photograph book coverA small book telling the story of Kaworu's appearance in episode 24 (in Japanese, of course), with several pictures of him.
Chinese Online ($4.50, and likely in Chinese)
Firefly Animation ($7.50)


Adam (82p, ISBN# 4-04-852681-2)
(173k) Adam Evangelion artbook cover An artbook featuring the male characters of Evangelion, the Angels, and the Eva units. Kaworu gets his own four-page spread.
Anime Nation ($19.95)
Paradigm Enterprises ($16.95)
Right Stuf ($14.70) ($14.99)
Firefly Animation ($16.95)
The Place ($15.00)
AnimeXpress ($38.00 Australian)
Sakura Media ($24.50 Canadian)
Anime and Toy Empire ($19.95)
House of Anime ($20.00, Taiwan version)
Splash Page Comics ($13.50)

Newtype TV Filmbook #9 (98pp, ISBN# 4-04-852616-3, eps 23-26)
Evangelion Newtype TV Filmbook #9 coverThe last in this series of books documenting the anime series, it features several still shots from episode 24, and character sketches as well.
Kikiwai ($17.00 Canadian)
Chinese Online ($7.80, and likely in Chinese)

The Japanese releases have not gotten anywhere close to the point in the series where Kaworu appears, so it'll be quite some time before manga featuring Kaworu is available in English, either.

Animation Cels

Kaworu hand-painted reproduction cel
(11k) Kaworu hand-painted reproduction celGainax decided not to release production cels from Evangelion (only a few have snuck out), so there are only two types of Evangelion cels that they have released into the market. The first type are machine-reproduced cels, and the second are machine-reproduced but hand-painted cels. Luckily, the Kaworu cel (a shot from episode 24) falls into this second category, but that also means that it's fairly expensive.
Asylum Anime ($99.00)
Black Knight Comics ($49.95)
Anime Oh! ($60.00)
Robert's Anime Corner Store ($139.98)
Animaxis (Eva hand-drawn cel 14, currently $63.18)

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