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(186k) Kaworu-Lilith appears to Shinji
Kaworu-Rei-Lilith reaches out to Shinji in Unit 01
(36k) Kaworu appears to Gendo
Kaworu and Rei appear to Shinji
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A theatrical feature, released July 19, 1997, which included the second half of Death & Rebirth and continued the story. Kaworu makes some appearances here, as well. It would be pretty useless to try to summarize the whole movie here, so this section is mostly included as a guide to where you can find Kaworu or mention of him in this movie.

The first third or so of the End of Evangelion is just Rebirth from Death & Rebirth, so we once again get to hear Maya ask, "Wasn't that boy the last Angel?" and see an image of Kaworu being quickly flashed when Misato is talking. And, of course, we see the dummy plugs labeled with "Kaworu" as they are being inserted into the Production Units.

From here on is where we get to see and hear a lot more of Kaworu. As Asuka is fighting the Production Units, Misato is dragging Shinji to Eva 01, Shinji is feeling sorry for himself, and one of his laments is "I killed Kaworu-kun!"

When he finally makes it into the Eva unit and into the outside world, Rei joins with Lilith and becomes the mega-Rei-Lilith that appears to Shinji. When Shinji sees this in front of him, he is frightened and starts screaming. When it transforms into the Kaworu-Lilith, Kaworu asks him, "Are you all right?"

Shinji is instantly calmed and happy, and asks, "Are you there, Kaworu-kun?"

We don't see Kaworu again until Third Impact is actually activated, and, we see some quick memories of him turning around and Shinji smiling. People's AT fields begin breaking down, and images of Kaworu, Yui and Rei are shown talking to Gendo. Kaworu's contribution to what they say to him is "You've been running away. Before you hurt yourself, you rejected the world."

He is next shown when Shinji is trying to decide whether to complete Third Impact or not. Shinji and Rei are nude, and Shinji's head is laying on Rei's lap. He asks Shinji, "Is it okay that the AT field hurts others again?"

A little later in the scene, Shinji asks, "By the way, how do you both exist in my mind?"

Rei responds, "We are hope ... so that people might understand each other ..."

Kaworu continues, " ... with the words 'We like each other.'" Kaworu and Rei continue back and forth talking to Shinji. Kaworu: "The real world exists somewhere, a dream exists in what we are."

Rei: "And dreams are in your heart."

"People's hearts make their future."

"New imagination will change their mind and physical form. The power of imagination will make their lives and futures."

"Nothing will change if you don't live with your own will."

"So, you should pick yourself up when you can't find the words. When one can imagine themself with spirit, anyone can gain human form."


Kaworu's previous appearance was in the Death & Rebirth feature film.

English-translated scripts to End of Evangelion (Parts one and two) can be found at The Evangelion Otaku Page.

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