The Character: Death & Rebirth
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(57k) Kaworu, held in the hand of Unit 01, looking up
Kaworu, with Unit 02 behind him, as he descends toward Terminal Dogma
(47k) Kaworu, glowing from the light of Unit 01 & 02 fighting
Kaworu looking over his shoulder at Shinji before he enters Terminal Dogma -> Second Impact -> The Character -> Appearances: Death & Rebirth

A theatrical feature, released March 19, 1997, which summarized Neon Genesis Evangelion (the tv series) and provided an introduction to End of Evangelion. Information here is about what parts of episode 24 were used as well as new Kaworu footage.

Death and Rebirth was split into two halves - Death, which (mostly) used footage from the tv series to summarize everything up until and including episode 24, and Rebirth, which used brand-new footage to show what was going on in the outside world while episodes 25 and 26 were taking place in Shinji's head. Rebirth was later used as the first half of End of Evangelion.

Death uses several scenes from episode 24 of the tv series. The beginning of the movie shows a few short scenes of earlier in the characters' lives (including Second Impact), then small parts of the beginning of episode 1, where Rei appeared to Shinji on the street and Shinji saw an Angel for the first time. A title appears on the screen: "A few months later, he was forced to make a decision."

This decision was, of course, the decision to kill Kaworu. At this point, part of episode 24 is shown - the entire discussion that Kaworu and Shinji had while Kaworu was held in unit 01's hand. As soon as Kaworu says his last words, the opening credits of Death begin. Interspersed among the summary scenes of Evangelion are scenes of a string quartet practice that supposedly took place "eighteen months earlier," but is clearly just a dramatic device. These practice sequences are completely made from new footage, but we never get to see much above the waist of any of the characters. Shinji is the only one whose face we see, but we only get to see parts of it.

Shinji is the first to arrive, with his cello. Asuka arrives second, and is the second violin. Rei arrives third, and plays the viola. Kaworu is the last to show up. When he arrives, we see his shadow, and Asuka says, "Osoi!" (You're late!). Kaworu responds with "Gomen, gomen" (Sorry), and when he sits down, we only see his legs from the knees down. Titles appear on the screen letting us know that practice is beginning and that Kaworu is first violin. He says "Iko ka" (Let's go), and the four of them play Pachelbel's Canon.

After some scenes about Touji and Kaji, Episode 24 is shown from the point at which Unit 02 was activated until when Kaworu was killed. At that point, Death ends, and credits are shown.

Kaworu is not featured much in Rebirth (in fact, we never hear him and barely see him). Near the beginning, Maya asks, "Wasn't that boy the last Angel?". Later, when Misato is talking about Angels, an image of Kaworu is quickly flashed. At the end of Rebirth, we get one last glimpse as we see the dummy plugs being inserted into the Eva Production Units (05-13) and see that the dummy plugs are labeled with "Kaworu."

Kaworu's previous appearance was in episode 24 of the Evangelion tv series.

Kaworu's next appearance was in the End of Evangelion movie.


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