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  Basic information about Nagisa Kaworu, including the meaning and spelling of his name, aliases, and basic stats (what is known).


  Episode 24
    Kaworu's only real "appearance," episode 24 of Shinseiki Evangelion. Includes information about a never-released-outside-Japan extended version with additional Kaworu footage.
  Death & Rebirth
    The first Evangelion theatrical feature, which summarized the Shinseiki Evangelion tv series and provided an introduction to End of Evangelion. Information here is about what parts of episode 24 were used as well as new Kaworu footage.
  End of Evangelion
    The second Evangelion theatrical feature, which included the second half of Death & Rebirth and continued the story. Kaworu makes some appearances here, as well.
    Shinseiki Evangelion is currently being serialized in the Japanese magazine Shonen Ace (as well as being translated into English by Viz Comics). It is being written by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, character designer for Shinseiki Evangelion. Although it follows the basic structure of the television series, there have been several significant differences so far. It will be quite some time until Kaworu appears in the manga, but you can be sure to find more information here at Second Impact when he does. You can find more information about the manga at Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Manga.
  Evangelion Addition CD
    This cd includes a very silly sound drama featuring all the characters dealing with the fictional situation of the Evangelion tv series being extended due to its popularity. They try to think of ways to continue the show's popularity, with humorous results. Kaworu is featured prominently, somewhat out-of-character, of course. Frelon Ngai's Evangelion page includes mp3s and a full translation of this track.

Deeper Analysis

  Answers to questions about Kaworu's identity, actions and role in Evangelion.

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