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Doujinshi are unofficial manga created and sold in very small print runs by individual artists and groups of artists. Doujinshi are organized by title. All doujinshi have been personally scanned in by us, so please ask if you want to use any of these images on your own site.
NOTE: although there is nothing explicit, some of these doujinshi do contain romantic and sexual situations.
Warning: Many of these images are large (>100k). You can see the size of the image by mousing over the thumbnail.

Go Go Children! 5 (Circle: Cutie Kids Club; Artist: Akira Houjoh)
(78k) Cover, with Kaworu, Shinji, Rei and Asuka (16k) Kaworu being naughty (18k)  Kaworu looking defiant (54k) Kaworu giving Shinji a kiss under the mistletoe (46k) Kaworu reading a letter
(25k) Kaworu devising a plan (59k) Kaworu confronts Misato      

Natsu Byou (Circle: Fairy Tale House; Artists: ?)
(58k) Kaworu and Shinji, from the cover of Natsu Byou (53k) Kaworu behind the Sephirotic System (35k) Kaworu looking up wistfully (53k) Kaworu apparently looking at a clone of himself (53k) Portrait of Kaworu
(48k) Kaworu smiling down at Shinji and Kaworu and Shinji kissing (31k) Kaworu planning to do something with Shinji (19k) Shirtless Kaworu looking down at Shinji (14k) Kaworu licking Shinji's fingers (28k) Kaworu, still shirtless, getting into it
(35k) Kaworu and Shinji goin' at it (34k) Kaworu smiling at Shinji (26k) Kaworu talking with a shirtless Shinji (42k) Kaworu, explaining something (35k) Kaworu and Shinji embracing
(30k) Shinji jumping into Kaworu's arms (53k) Kaworu holding Shinji tight (47k) Kaworu looking back over his shoulder (30k) Kaworu's head falling into the LCL (57k) Kaworu holding Shinji close again
(46k) Kaworu and Shinji as girls (42k) Kaworu and a little younger Shinji (19k) Kaworu and Shinji walking down the street (41k) Shirtless Kaworu lying down with Shinji over him (52k) Kaworu with tubes attached to him
(28k) Kaworu looking wistful (24k) Shinji holding an injured Kaworu (55k) A tank full of Kaworu clones (14k) Kaworu smiling at Shinji (56k) Shinji standing on a pile of dead Kaworu clones and crying

Oyasuminasai Koneko-chan (Circle: ?; Artist: ?)
(106k) Cover of Oyasuminasai Konekochan (12k) Smiling chibi-Kaworu      

Upcoming Doujinshi:
Go Go Children! 6
Honey and Poison
Gumi Chocolate Pine-chan

Doujinshi links
Some webmasters on other sites have been kind enough to scan in some doujinshi featuring Kaworu. Be advised, some of the doujinshi may contain sexual situations.
Birth of Evangelion
  A translated Kaworu and Shinji doujinshi by Yun Kouga, the mangaka of Earthian. Located at Genkiland.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
  Full scans of several doujinshi featuring Kaworu. Located at Ai no Kuusou (currently down).
Doujinshi Scans
  Scans from a few different doujinshi featuring Kaworu. Located at Brief Lives.
Eva Doujinshi
  Stories from Evangelion doujinshi anthologies, many featuring Kaworu. Some are in Korean, some are translated into English. Located at Fleeting Dreams.


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